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Jello ShotsLooking for jello shots and jello shooters recipes? Wondering ‘what is a jello shot?’ You’ve come to the right place!

I recently attended a party and experienced my first shot of jiggly goodness and was inspired to go beyond the basics. While most jello shot recipes out there just involve adding vodka to whatever jello you have in your cupboard, I decided that there is a world of possibility just waiting to be explored.

The result is the culinary tour of jello shooters that you see before you. I’ve tested every recipe that’s posted here, so only the very best made the cut. Feel free to explore, get creative and create a party experience that you and your friends will be sure to remember.

Please enjoy responsibly!

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Recently Featured Jello Shots Recipes

How to Make Vodka Jello Shots in 60 Seconds or Less!

Need to learn how to make jello shots fast? If you’ve got sixty seconds, you’ve got enough time to learn how to make jello shots. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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What is a Jello Shot?
Wondering about what a jello shot actually is? Find out here!

How to Make Jello Shots
It’s not rocket science, but who needs to reinvent the wheel? If you can boil water, you have all the skills you need. But, with a few of these helpful tips and tricks, you can make the process a lot easier leaving you in the mood to party rather than pooped out.

Complete List of Recipes
Of course there’s the basic recipe for vodka jello shooters that has been around for years, but there is also so much room to be creative. With a little experimentation and creativity, you can turn almost any cocktail recipe into a jello shooter. Check out the list and get inspired!

Recipe Index by Ingredient 
If you are not quite sure of the recipe you’re looking for but have a flavor in mind, consider using this list that’s organized by ingredient.

Vodka Jello Shooters 
Vodka is certainly the most popular alcohol to mix with jello because it easily blends with just about any flavor. However, there’s still room to get creative and recreate some of your favorite vodka cocktails using jello.

Rum Jello Shooters 
Rum may not be as common of a combination with jello, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. There are several tropical flavors and traditional rum cocktails that can be created as a jello shot.

Tequila Jello Shooters 
Next to vodka, tequila is probably the second most popular liquor to blend with jello to create unique jello shooters. Find recipes for margarita shots and more here.

Easy Jello Shots
If you’re just getting started with the magic that is the jello shot or if you’re just short on time, you need to keep things easy. My list of easy jello shots all have three ingredients or less – easy breezy!

Halloween Jello Shots
Nothing says Happy Halloween like alcohol infused jello in tiny cups! Whether you’re looking for recipes that are dark and foreboding, red and bloody looking or green and slimy, I’ll help you find a recipe to match the theme of your Halloween party.

Holiday Jello Shots 
This is not the jello recipe that your grandma probably ever made, but it could be just the thing to help you make it through the holiday season. Let your creativity shine with flavors like peppermint, egg nog and gingerbread!

Jello Shots and Shooters Store 
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Jello Diva Gives Back
It takes guts to be an entrepreneur these days no matter where you’re from and that’s why I am proud to give back 10% of the income generated from this site in the form of micro-loans through the Kiva Organization. Check them out!

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